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Our Services

What we do ?

Instavend helps businesses experience the best out of a coffee vending machine. We take care of your vending machine journey mainly to provide you with an easy and profitable business solution. Since we are aware of how a burden looking after a vending machine can be, We offer our clients a full service of a regular filling and refilling of their vending machines with special free services in return such as:

  • Offering you a free vending machine that match your needs and requirements.
  • Placing your vending machines in ideal and profitable locations.
  • Delivering your regular vending supplies to your exact locations.
  • Providing cleaning and maintenance services for your vending machine in a consistent basis.

Who We Serve?

We serve all kind of businesses; corporations, schools, universities, residential buildings, hotels, factories, accommodation blocks, etc. 

Whether you’re searching for the right vending machine for your workplace or for a daily machine filling service only or you’re looking for a full vending service. Instavend Is Here For You !