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Our Premixes 

Instavend and its sister company Foodex Industries FZE have been a known coffee and tea premix manufactures inside the UAE using high quality of premix ingredients for vending machines.

Here are the top tea & coffee premixes we offer:

Tea Premixes

Karak Tea

Masala Tea

Cardamom Tea

Black Tea

Coffee Premixes

Coffee 3 in 1

Coffee 2 in 1

Black coffee

Arabic Coffee

Our Brands

Instavend produce and sell their premixes under three brand names.

Customized Packets

We also offer customized packs of tea & coffee premixes where we can put your company labels on the packs and resell to your customers under your own brand.

Our customized packs come in 1KG bags & 20 gram sachets respectfully.

Contact us TODAY ! To know more about how we can brand your very own customized Tea & Coffee packets and sachets.